Bamboo cup with bamboo straws in bag lying over bamboo cups
Upclose picture of bamboo straw with three tree logo in bamboo cup
Bamboo cups
Bamboo straws up close, laid over canvas bag with sisal straw cleaner laid on top
Bamboo cups with bamboo straws
Bamboo cups and straws in canvas bag with sisal cleaner laid on top of bag
Bamboo straw in use with bamboo cup, sitting on a map

Bamboo Bundle

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Enjoy a taste of the exotic

Nature's original coffee cups and alternative to plastic straws, have been combined into one great bamboo bundle for everybody to enjoy, or perfect as a gift. Bamboo cups keep your drink hot, while insulating your hands from the heat.

 Sustainably sourced bamboo
 Perfect for hot and cold drinks
 Cups hold a minimum of 220mls
 Smooth inside and out
 Lightweight and quick drying


What’s included:

   2 Bamboo cups
   10 straws
   Sisal straw cleaner
   Drawstring bag


All our products are shipped within 48 hours in eco-friendly packaging.

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