Coconut Sustainability

We have a firm belief that simple is best and what’s more simple than taking a naturally formed bowl and using it in everyday life and at the same time preventing it from adding to the global environmental issues.
As coconut products continue to thrive, 59.01 million tonnes were used in production during 2016 alone, however 99% of the shells are discarded. They are either sent to the worlds ever growing landfill sites or even worse.. burned.

The burning of this natural resource contributes a momentous amount to both CO2 and methane emissions. 

This environmental hazard is easily avoidable and that’s why we’re here.
We offer these unwanted pieces of waste a second lease of life. With handcrafted love and care we recycle the shells into natural bowls that are practical and beautiful to look at.

All parts of the coconut are used in products from its husk to its flesh so why not make use of its shell too.

Coconuts are known globally for the numerous uses they have. In the Philippines it is commonly known as the ‘tree of life.’ In Sanskrit it is called ‘kalpa vriksha’ which translates to ‘the tree which provides all the necessities of life.’ In the Malay language it’s called ‘pokok seribu guna’ which means ‘the tree of a thousand uses,’ and most importantly in Moana they sing a whole verse about the coconut being ‘all we need.’