Where do the products come from?

The coconut and wooden products are all from Vietnam, and the bamboo products are from China. We get them where they grow, and this supports sustainability and local growth.

Do you use any plastic in the processing or packaging of the products?

No, there is no plastic used in the processing of any products, and we only use materials that can be recycled when we package your items. We are also working hard with our suppliers to prevent any plastic in shipping, and when this does happen we make sure we re-use it again and again and again.

Where is Natural or Nothing based?

We are a UK based company, based in Scotland.

The item I want to order is out of stock, when will it be back in stock?

Although we try to avoid being "out of stock", this will happen from time to time when an item is popular. We try to get items back within 30 days, but to avoid further disappointment we recommed you join our mailing list to be the first to know when it comes back in stock.

My order has arrived, but the items aren't identical, is this normal?

Yes, these are all natural products, and each one is as unique as you are, so this means that your bowl, cup, straw or spoon is the only one in the world!

What is the volume/sizes of the cocnut bowls and bamboo cups?

We can only give an estimate with the volumes, due to the products being natural of course. As the song says "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...big ones, small ones, some the size of your head"!

Natural Coconut Bowl

13 -14cm approx

Jumbo Coconut Bowl

14.5cm or bigger

Bamboo cup

225 - 275ml approx


How can I make sure my coconut bowls are well cared for?

If you want to get the most out of your coconut bowls, we recommend that you brush each bowl with a small amount of oil after roughly every 10 uses. For great tips on keeping your bowls healthy why not sign up to our mailing list for hints, tips and great offers or visit our care page.

My order hasn't arrived yet, please help!

Don't worry delays can happen, please see our P&P page for more information on expected delivery times, tracking and how to contact us.

My new straws/cup have a faint bamboo aftertaste when I drink, is this normal?

All new straws/cups may have a faint bamboo aftertaste to let you know they are the real deal, once you use them a few times the this should disappear.

My new products have stained, is this to be expected?

These are natural products, and as such they may retain some of the colour from your beautifully created drinks and meals. This just means you are using them as intended, and nothing to worry about.

My products have arrived damaged/ my product has broken after use what can you do about this?

Unfortunately as we work with completely natural materials these do break from time to time, please see our returns page for more information on what to do.

Do you do wholesale deals?

Yes, we would love to talk to you about this - please see our wholesale page on how to contact us.

My question isn't listed here, what should I do?

If we haven't set your mind at rest with our FAQ's, then visit our contact us page and send us your querie, we endevour to respond within 5 working days.