Who We Are and Why We're Here

We're business partners, sisters and best friends. 

Now both in our twenties we are noticing more than ever the damage being done to the planet and jointly decided to put all of our efforts into finding luxury environmentally friendly products that are sustainable and from fully natural resources.

We are plastic free

We use all natural packaging, that is 100% recyclable, right down to the tape that seals the box. From source to you, we promise not to use any plastic in the packaging of your order, meaning your eco-friendly product continues to be just that.

Why three trees on our logo you ask?

Each tree represents one of the three sisters in our family. We strive to be a family friendly business, listening to our changing family needs and bringing this to all our customers.
Have you seen our biodegradable coconut scourers to replace sponges that can't be recylcled?

All our products are plant based alternatives suited to your everyday use...