Coloured coconut bowl, purple colour
group of all 6 coloured coconut bowls
Coloured coconut bowl sitting on rock with mountain range backdrop, bowl contains fruit
Coloured coconut bowl, red colour
Coloured coconut bowl, black colour
Coloured coconut bowl, teal colour
Coloured coconut bowl, blue colour
Coloured coconut bowl, Orange colour

Coloured Coconut Bowls

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Bring a bundle of paradise to your table.
By purchasing these beautiful bowls you are not only supporting the environment, you are benefiting a local Vietnamese community. Your purchase is encouraging these communities to see value in their natural resources.
The pattern is created using a traditional method where egg shells are placed into the bowls and coated with a natural coloured lacquer, strengthening them in the process.
 Repurposed coconut and egg shells
 Smooth inside and out
All our products are shipped within 48 hours in eco-friendly packaging.
Some colour from the original eggs may be present giving an authentic rustic look.

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