Thank you, NHS

To all our front line and primary care NHS workers, know you are amazing!

On World Health Day this year the World Health Organisation (WHO) wants us to think about the amazing work nurses and midwives do to support us around the world. With the current COVID-19 world pandemic, its not difficult to come up with a list of reasons to be clapping for our NHS staff across the UK. As we stay indoors and avoid each other physically, we are coming closer together through community spirit and online access like never before.

We have all been advised to stay home, stay safe and protect the NHS – our best public commodity. Its never been easier to do this with supermarkets offering online shopping delivered to your doorstep, and where possible appointments are being held over the phone or via online video chat. Staying connected for work or with family and friends is easy with apps such as Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp for video calling. If your able to get out safely for a walk, run or cycle the fresh air should help cap the cabin fever feeling, and you can enjoy playing a real-life game of dodgems as you avoid other people also out for fresh air.

Alternatively, you can follow along to one of the many online fitness videos on YouTube, Netflix, NHS fitness studio or similar to keep active and aim for the recommended 2.5 hours a week moderate exercise. Why not make it more entertaining and play twister to build some core strength? Just don’t end up in A&E trying to stretch between the green and red circles. For healthy eating the British Dietetic Association has great ‘Food Fact’ sheets from healthy living tips to general advice for some common health conditions, check them out here.

I wonder if we can ever fully appreciate what it means to put someone else’s health and wellbeing before our own health and that of your family? What would we do without all those people working far beyond expectations, who don’t just work to have a pay check at the end of the month? You treat us, teach us, support us, console us, advise us, care for us all and advance health care practice every day, so thank you to all NHS workers, your amazing.

Keep safe, keep sane, keep supporting your NHS

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