Spring into the garden (Gardens, Episode 1)

Eco-friendly gardening tips, tricks and activities for the family this spring
When you’re stuck at home this spring and resources are more limited, you’re asking yourself what options do I have for entertainment? You’ve had enough of day time television and online streaming shows are not as exciting as they were a few days before, so your going to the shops to buy wine and chocolate to cheer yourself up, right? Hold on though, these aren’t considered “essential” items, are they?
Well perhaps you could spring into the garden, or onto your balcony, and do a spot of weed patrol. Maybe use all those extra toilet roll tubes you have lying around to grow seeds and start a small vegetable obsession. Find an old tray, drawer or dinner plate and cut each toilet tube in half, then pack them side by side in your tray and fill with compost. Seek out any seed packets lurking in the shed and plant them as per packet instructions in your seed tray and watch them grow!
Collage of images to grow seedlings
Additionally, grab an old coconut scourer which is ready for your compost and sprinkle some cress seeds onto it. Now pop it into an old (even cracked) coconut or regular bowl and add water by spooning it over the seeds until the scourer is partly submerged, but the seeds are not under water. Over the first few days you will need to spoon some of the water in the bowl over the seeds, as if bathing them to keep them moist until their roots can reach down to the water. In 7 days you will have delicious cress for your sandwiches.
Great exercise can also be had out in the garden when you dig out the classic hula hoop or skipping ropes, getting fit between the daffodils and hyacinths that are flowering. All while your neighbours are being entertained by your energetic moves, a win-win situation really!
But look, if all that sounds far too exhausting, stick with the first idea and enjoy your garden tomorrow.
Keep active and keep safe

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