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We have felt the sting of being a small local business this year, like thousands of other people, and we have really relied on your support. Although it has been a tough year, there has been a real boost in community spirit with local shoppers and business’s supporting their communities.

You don’t have to search hard to find uplifting stories of positive community action that’s taken place in 2020 amidst the pandemic. With the impressive Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising walk before turning 100 years old and the brave Tony Hudgell, who is only 5, completing more than 10km on prosthetic legs for charity. Marcus Rashford has won the battle to get free school meals during the holidays to thousands of children in England. Thousands of local heroes around the UK have volunteered their time and resources to support vulnerable people at home with food banks, cooked meals, support with hospital and GP services, a friendly phone call to isolated or lonely individuals and much more.

When you shop locally the benefits to you and the business are enormous, firstly you get to take the item home right away, you don’t need to wait on it being delivered or worry about it being damaged in the process! Yes, we’ve all see some videos of terrible parcel delivery fails this year, luckily there are some great companies out there too. When you buy locally you are in fact supporting a family, as your purchases are there income and livelihood, basically putting food on tablets and clothes on backs etc. Also, by investing in your local small businesses (who can’t afford to offer the discounts super giant corporate companies can) you are investing in your local high street to look nice and be inviting to other businesses and tourists, who further benefit your community! It’s a circle of renewal.

So, thank you shoppers, you high street supporters and community improvers, and thank you small local shop owners, you brave people who take a chance and try to make the dream happen.

Thank you to all the ‘one of a kind’ local businesses who have supported us this year, and who sell amazing wares or offer incredible services:


The adventure photographers

If you want incredible landscapes and scenic photography at its best, then this exploring couple are here to provide inspiring and beautiful pictures turned into high quality art prints for you to purchase, check them out at


Cutlery sets in woodland setting
Image curtosy of The adventure Photographer

Wee Design Studio

A wonderfully creative, Glasgow based, graphic designer who has a passion for nature and natural beauty, who can work with you to realise your ideas and put them into an image, check Carol out at


The Workshop Aberfeldy

A fantastic social enterprise charity who support young adults to develop new skills and support them with future employment. They work to make various creations out of wood for individuals, companies and events. If you’ve every entered a race with a wood medal, then these guys have probably made it! Check them out at


Ocean charity bamboo straws
Engraved by The Workshop Aberfeldy

Little Birnham Kitchen

This yummy company makes cakes, bakes and treats which can be delivered to you or bought in their incredibly cute shop on the highstreets of Dunkeld. If you need a Christmas cake or pudding, want a box of fresh brownies or packs of fudge for gifts, this little kitchen is providing a delicious variety, be quick to put in your order at


Yule tide log cake


JGBC accountancy

Johann has been a huge support for so many small businesses across Scotland with very competitive and affordable packages, he continues to be a pioneer in the way we think about accountancy and is happy to chat to you about your business support needs, check them out at


There are so many local businesses that have supported us this year, and many more we would love to highlight. Rather than listing them all here, if you can, I would recommend a visit to Dunkeld’s high-street for a look around and to do some shopping – it’s a beautiful place, you won’t be disappointed 😊


Happy shopping


Natural or Nothing Sisters

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