Plastic Free July

We’ve put together some of the top ideas to help you make a change this July in support of ‘Plastic FREE July’, even one change supports the environment to reduce unwanted waste. We know it can be hard to change habits, so consider making small changes, one at a time, because a small change can have a big impact if we do it together.

Our partner charity WasteAid was set up by waste management professionals to ocean design bamboo strawstackle the global waste crisis. They work with communities in low-income countries to address the root causes of poverty, climate change and marine plastic pollution. In further support of their work we will soon be releasing our NEW Ocean design charity bamboo straws to highlight some of the ocean creatures most affected by plastic pollution. So look out for their release next month!


15 Plastic FREE ideas to get behind…


  1. Reusable shopping bags
  2. Take your own cutlery with you, and avoid using single use plastic cutlery
  3. Take your lunch to work in beeswax wraps and use re-usable soup pots to avoid cling film
  4. Stop using plastic straws – say no to them when your out, instead use a reusable straw
  5. Avoid pre-packed vegetables in plastic
  6. Use a re-usable coffee cup and often you get a small discount on your take-away coffee 😊
  7. Pick up 3 pieces of plastic litter on your next walk
  8. Make or use a re-usable banner instead of using balloons
  9. Make your lunch and avoid prepacked convenience foods in plastic containers
  10. Swap to a recyclable toothbrush head or bamboo toothbrush (Check the bristles are also recyclable)
  11. Give up chewing gum, use mints instead (which can be bought in a re-usable tin)
  12. Change to toothpaste tabs, shampoo bars (now in many Highstreet shops) and hard soaps to avoid plastic bottle/ tubes
  13. Don’t use glitter, you can sparkle without it 😊
  14. Use a re-usable water bottle and fill up on the go
  15. Find a local ‘zero waste shop’ near you and give it a go

 Bamboo cutlery set - grey  Beeswax wraps

All the best for success in your ‘Plastic FREE July’

Natural or Nothing Team

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