Plan your Fakeacation - not getting away holiday game (Fun Day, episode 1)

Usually a time to get away with the family for some much-needed quality family time, not to mention the rest and relaxation from the day to day grind, this spring bank holiday in May will be like nothing before. I haven’t opened my diary for weeks since there are no plans to keep track of. It can be hard to keep positive when you have little to look forward to, I now know how it feels to spend your 30th birthday in Lockdown! So, get away for half an hour with this funny holiday game…

You’ve heard of a staycation, but what about a fakecation?

Need to play:

  • Throwing type game e.g. ring toss, carpet/garden bowls
  • OR 4-5 flat & round discs (e.g. Frisbees, wooden roundels, paper or re-usable plastic plates) and light throwing item e.g. mini beanbag, pair of socks, hair scrunchie, satsuma etc.
  • Pen and paper
  • Good imagination


Now you’ve successfully rummaged around in your garage/shed or toy box for the game equipment like the ones we found you can get planning your holiday categories.

Set up:

If you your throwing game has different colours, like our carpet bowls, select one of each coloured bowl and place them in a line or cross shape and use the target ball as your throwing item. If you have 4-5 flat objects, lay them out in the same way, and number them with a pen or sticky label. If you have a ring toss type game, again label each peg with a number. This will determine the number of options per categories you have e.g. 4 coloured balls = 4 answers or 6 flat objects = 6 answers.

= 5 answers (1 answer per peg)

This is where your imagination comes in, as you need to come up with some fantastic and some disastrous options to plan your fake vacation. Come up with 4-6 questions e.g. where will I go on holiday? and then your answers (number already determined as explained before) - pictured are some ideas to get you started, the world is your oyster:


Once you have created your options you are ready to play! Each player throws for every question to see what their holiday will be like and then the next player goes. The answer will be determined by where your throwing item lands on or nearest to.

    = nearest 3, so for question 1 this would be going on Safari in Africa

Grab your throwing item and start planning that fakeacation, compete for the best holiday and have fun doing it 😊

May the best fakeacation win!

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