Navigating the World with a Bamboo Cutlery Set

If you didn’t know it already, we LOVE our re-usable bamboo cutlery sets!

We like to consider ourselves an ordinary family, with typical everyday commitments like work, meeting friends for coffee, walking the dog, going on holidays and enjoying what the outdoors has to offer. We also do some extra ordinary activities or at least what we like to think of as extra ordinary! Such as travelling around the world to some amazing places, jumping off some of the best coastal cliffs Scotland has to offer, exploring some of the most beautiful hillsides or beaches for some wild camping or visiting a peaceful loch for some wild swimming (of which there are thousands in Scotland). Throughout all of this, there’s always been a bamboo cutlery set at the bottom of a bag or clipped onto a rucksack somewhere, with us where ever we go.

Our bamboo cutlery has helped us eat melting marshmallows toasted over a campfire. Enjoy many, many (possibly too many) cocktails on nights out with friends or eat take out sushi. We’ve used it to drink and eat a coconut on a hot beach in Costa Rica. Navigated the work kitchen and safely eat lunch every day without using the phrases “where has that spoon been?” or “are there any forks in this office or just knives?”. Basically, they have saved our sanity and most importantly prevented countless single use plastic cutlery and straws being thrown away #winning.

With our new bamboo cutlery sets coming in three colours now, we took the opportunity during lockdown to explore more of our beautiful homeland with them. This made us really aware of how lucky we are to live somewhere so bonny! So, to cheer us all up as Autumn hits, and we are finding the nights getting longer, we wanted to reminisce about some of our bamboo cutlery set adventures over the last 12 months 😊 … enjoy!

Scottish Loch view with green bamboo cutlery set
Impressive view over Loch Third Reservoir
Iced Tea in Costa Rica with Bamboo Straw
Lemon Iced Tea in a bar overlooking the rainforest in Costa Rica
Outdoor cinema in Australia with bamboo cutlery set
Outdoor Cinema viewing in Australia was magical!
Lunching ladies - pizza and bamboo cutlery
Lunching Ladies enjoying pizza
Hermit crab exploring our bamboo straws in Thailand
Beach Vibes ✌️
cutlery set view over machu Pichu

Less ‘off the beaten track’, and more on a well-worn one! Machu Picchu picture perfect ♥️

Bamboo cutlery set on bright scottish heathers

Beautiful colours in the heathers are camouflaging the cutlery set

Selaron Steps with cutlery set

Taking a walk up the famous Selaron Steps in Rio de Janeiro

drinks in India with bamboo straw

Mango Lassie and iced tea in India with wheat and bamboo straws

Wine tour in Uruguay

Enjoying a glass or two or three of delicious Uruguayan wine...mmmhm!

Sushi and noodles with our bamboo chopsticks

Noodles and Sushi for lunch - Yum 😋

Bamboo cutlery clipped onto handbag for day out

Bamboo cutlery Set ready for a day out

Remeber to clip it, pack it and use it everyday, say NO to single use plastics and get the most out of your bamboo cutlery set ♥️

Natural or Nothing Team

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