'Life after use' for your natural products

What to do with your natural products once they are ‘past their best’ ideas 😊

Everything deserves a second chance to be useful in life, and our natural products are no different. We have really enjoyed coming up with inventive or practical ways to use our products once they are ready for the ‘life after use’ treatment! So, we have created a new Pinterest board dedicated to our fun and practical ideas (if we do say so ourselves!) and everything in between. Check it out HERE

These are some of our favourites so far, please let us know what you think by commenting on our Pinterest board stories and images. Better still let us know any of your success stories or ideas for ‘life after use’ and we can feature them on our Pinterest page by emailing us at ask_us@naturalornothing.co.uk

Coconut bowl:

Orchid plant pot – coconut shells make great hanging orchid plant pot holders, the idea is for the orchid to hang over the side so don’t worry about them being lop-sided. They look even better in a group of orchids. Hang them from the wall using hanging basket holders or hooks.

Bird feeder – Check out our Pinterest story for full details on how to make a lard free bird feeder (only suitable in winter and below 10oC) to hang in your garden. Birds love feeders in winter and coconut bowls make a great ledge to land on and enjoy the high fat meal you have provided.

Vegetable picking bowl – leave an old coconut bowl by the back door to the garden, and use it to collect any fresh vegetable or fruit that’s ready for picking

Pet food/water bowl – useful pet bowls for food and water since they don’t smash! They are also useful to take it in a back pack to give your dog a drink on a long walk, since they are really light weight!

Soap Dish - simple and effective, pop a solid soap into your old coconut bowl and pop it by the kitchen sink - no need for a liquid soap in a plastic container.


Bamboo cups:

Candle holder: For those of you, still enjoying a long candle stick, bamboo cups are a great holder. You can also try making candles in the cups, but remember to fire proof the bamboo with a special fire proofing coating or use a metal liner to prevent a fire.

Children’s stilts: We have yet to try this out, but are excited to give it a go soon! The idea is to drill 2 opposite holes towards the bottom of two bamboo cups. Feed a piece of strong string or thin rope through these holes and tie them to create a loop that should be about hip height.

Coconut scourer:

Mug/cup coaster: Simple and effective, take your degrading coconut scourer and use it as a coaster. Great for the man shed!

Cress seed growing: Check out our Pinterest story for full details on how to grow cress using an old coconut scourer. This is a great way to grow cress in 7 days, you will need an old coconut scourer, cress seeds and a wide bowl (coconut or other).


Bamboo straws:

Vegetable markers: use a thin marker pen to write the names of your growing veggies or fruit and stick the bamboo straw into the ground as a marker. Alternatively, with a fine saw, make a small cut across one end of the straw and use this to hold re-usable veggie/fruit name cards, which can be swapped about depending on what you are growing each year.

Bee hotel: Using a small wooden frame (made, bought or repurposed) slot bamboo straws, sawn to size into the frame. Pack it in tightly so they won’t fall out. You can also use twigs, sticks and wood chunks with holes drilled into them for variety alongside the bamboo straws.


Sandcastle building – create amazing sandcastles and sand villages using coconut bowls and bamboo cups as containers for the sand to make shapes. You can also use bamboo straws for structure and as a flag pole for your castle flag.

Whatever you make or re-use your natural products for, we hope you had as much fun as we did!


Natural or Nothing Team

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