Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year

As we walk away from 2021, we wanted to wish all our customers and news followers a happy 2022 from Kat and Helen at Natural or Nothing.

Our 2021 was a busy and challenging year, which is likely a reflection of most people’s too. As we look back, we can reflect on the highs and lows of the year. The positives include growing our family by one member in August, launching a small “start-up” advert on ITV.Be (delayed from 2020) and getting back to some face-to-face markets and stalls. It was great to get back to speaking to customers and stall visitor this year, with some regular appearances in Pitlochry and a fantastic weekend spent at the Stirling Christmas Market.

It’s also been a tough time with the costs of shipping from our suppliers in Asia going up and up, with no end in sight currently, making it uneconomical to buy more without significantly raising prices. We have invested therefore in trying to source some new products from Europe and especially UK based suppliers, and we have trialled some new cleaning products at our stalls.

In light of this, the coming year will see some big changes for us and we ask you to bear with us as we navigate this. We are both working longer hours in our “day jobs” and so we have made the decisions to reduce our social media presence and simplify processes where possible. As we adapt to the changing worldwide circumstances, you will see a shift in how we do business and our product range, but we will strive to keep up to date as we continue to bring you the eco-friendly, plastic free and natural alternatives and gifting you have come to expect from us.


All the best,

Natural or Nothing

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