Focus on Forward

Things appear to be moving forward bit by bit as the weeks go on, so we wanted to focus on moving forward with fun, planning and activities for now and the near future.

10 things to keep you busy now...

  1. Fundraiser – Lots of people are choosing to fundraise to support charities right now, we have completed the WasteAid virtual safari fundraiser which was great fun. We would recommend it to all families as a fun, interactive, nature-based learning experience which you can choose to donate to or just enjoy for free. Check it out HERE.Wasteaid virtual safari
  2. Exercise – It’s important to plan in exercise and activity into each day if possible, to keep your body fit and your mind sharp. Speaking of exercise, the WasteAid fundraiser is a great way to focus the family on regular activity, whether that’s dancing in the living room or going for a run and everything in between.
  3. Garden games – Make getting out in the fresh air more fun with garden games like hide and seek, races, obstacle courses, water fights, French cricket or try our funny fakecation game – click HERE for details.
  4. Build a temporary or small wildlife pond – A great way to see nature and nurture it without having to dig and build a pond, is to create a small one in a large container which can be temporary – see how HERE with the RSPC website.
  5. Create a cardboard fortress or castle – thanks to all those online delivery boxes you’ve been collecting over the last few months, you can now build a cardboard castle no doubt. You can build this with/ for the kids or alternatively build one for your furry friend like me. When building one for your pets try to avoid plastic tapes as these would be harmful if ate, we used paper tape. See pictures below for ideas on how...Cardboard fortress building
  6. Plan a treasure or scavenger hunt – Writing your own clues can be loads of fun and very creative, try and vary the clues throughout to make working out the puzzles even more exciting. Keep the age of the participants in mind when creating the clues and hiding them (around the house or garden). For young kids you can use pictures of where the clues are hidden, these can also be cut up into pieces to assemble to make it harder. Other ideas include:
  • Creating codes to crack to find the next clue hiding place e.g. where each letter is represented with a number (1-26)
  • Rebus puzzles – picture clues
  • Anagram puzzle
  • Backwards clues you need to use a mirror to read
  • Missing vowel clues
  • Wordsearch clues – you need to create or print a pre-done wordsearch box
  • Pick a book an in that paragraph and create a code to represent a word on a page to crack the hiding place of the next clue e.g. 201/3/16 = p201, 3rd paragraph, 16th letter
  1. Create a family competition – Have you considered creating a friendly and education competition e.g. reading, where each family member has to read a certain number of books to win a prize or to pick the movie on family film night?
  2. Walking bingo – Create a bingo card for your next walk and see who spots all the items off their card first. To do this create 12-16 items to spot and give each card 8 of these items to spot so each card should be different. Then swap the cards about for another walk.
  3. Update your photo albums – Now is the time to go through all your pictures and get them printed and update your photo albums or alternatively create a photobook. Why not put on a family holiday slideshow by making an album of pictures and casting this to your tv so you can share memories of your previous holidays.
  4. Cinema night – If you have a laptop and mini projector then you can create your own home cinema by using a blank wall or hanging a sheet (tightly) to project onto. You can even create an outdoor cinema with a painted wall or an old sheet pegged over the washing line and pinned into the ground (not for a windy day). Pop some popcorn and get your ice cream and enjoy a movie indoors or under the stars.

5 things to be planning...

  1. Places planning to visit – start thinking about walks, beaches, woodlands, hills and lakes/lochs you would like to visit and adventures you can have when you get there. Its good to have things to look forward to, and planning small trips out when it is safe to do so is a great option.
  2. Family game night – You can start planning a family game night using chat platforms to talk to each other, consider games which involves answering questions to move round the board so one house have the board set up and move for everyone. Alternatively play a family quiz night or an online/ phone game you can play remotely – check out jackboxgames for some ideas.
  3. Go pond dipping – If you have a pond not too far away, consider taking tubs and nets to go pond dipping when it is safe to do so.
  4. Special meal – plan a special meal in, get dressed up in your glad rags and have a date night.
  5. Garden visits – Start thinking about friends and family nearby that you may be able to visit in their gardens for a catch up or drink in the near future, talk about practically doing it and only do it when it is safe to do so.

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