Day at the Beach – fun for the family 😊 (Fun Day, Episode 2)

If you’re considering a trip to the beach to get the most out of the last few days of summer then we have some great ideas for you to make it a fun filled family affair.

Planning a day trip to the beach is exciting, from planning a picnic to building sandcastles here are some of our favourite things to do at the seaside…

  1. Swimming or surfing are popular seaside activities, but what do the flags mean and is it safe where you’re going? Check out the safety tips and learn what the flags mean HERE with the Royal Life Saving Society.
  1. Searching for shells or all different shapes and sizes is fun, use them to Collecting shells and hermit crabs decorate sandcastles or have a competition to find the biggest/most swirliness/prettiest/smallest shells. Take your coconut bowl along to collect them all in. We collect shells at this beach in Thailand, but some of them ended up being Hermit Crabs, so we enjoyed watching them scurry away as they were set free again.





  1. Rockpooling is great fun, looking for limpets, crabs, fish, prawns and more; as long as you are careful not to slip on the sharp rocks. Find a medium length stick to poke about in the rock pools and see what you can find. If you want to see things up close you can take a bucket and net too. The RSPB has 8 easy steps to exploring rock pools successfully and a downloadable activity sheet, find out more HERE.
  1. Crabbing is brilliant fun and can be hours of entertainment for everybody, you will need the help of an adult, and one who does not mind handling the odd crab or two! You can often buy crabbing equipment at local seaside Crab caught when crabbingtown shops or online. You can compete for the who can catch the biggest crab. Follow this LINK to watch a video on how to go crabbing. Here’s one I caught earlier…







  1. Plan a picnic to re-energize after all the fun you are having, like sandwiches or pasta salads or cous-cous or even fish and chips! Don’t forget your lightweight coconut bowls and bamboo cutlery so you can enjoy all that food!
  1. Get an ice cream and go for a stroll with the sand between your toes
  1. Building a sand castle or be adventurous and build a sand village. Alongside the traditional bucket and spades, why not take along a coconut bowl (preferably old or damaged) and a bamboo cup too, to make some unique domes and towers!
  1. Play a game of frisbee
  1. Create a sculpture, become a beach artist and try to shape a sculpture, it can be something complicated or simple like a shell or a crab and then choose if you want to decorate it with shells or seaweed.
  1. Turn your sibling into a mermaid by burying their legs in the sand and then building a mermaid tail out of sand.
  1. Create a boat or car out of sand to sit in, draw the boat/ car shape out in the sand, then dig out leg room and use this sand to create a seat to sit on. Its great fun to build and then play in afterwards.

What ever you get up to, we hope you have a lovely time enjoying the British coastline.

Beach scene Scotland

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