Carrot Straws

Carrot straws to be the next big thing!

Amid the upcoming ban on plastic straws by the end of 2020, combined with the national health goals to lower obesity and diabetes rates across the UK, could carrot straws be a viable solution to both?
While figures for obesity and type 2 diabetes are on the rise could a carrot straw help promote healthy eating by providing one of your 5 (fruit and veg) a day, whilst also tackling the plastic straw problem. With ideas for factories already producing pre-packaged carrot sticks to start producing carrot straws alongside them this could be us by the summer months.
The carrot straws should last several days from production, so bags will need to be considered for families and individuals to encourage the once a day target, and stop them going soft or brittle before eaten.
Would you like to drink your morning orange juice or 6 o'clock cocktails through a carrot? Would you enjoy chomping down on your carrot when the days drinks are done?
Well you don't need to decide right now, since they have not been invented yet as far as we know. Happy April fools everybody, and stick with your bamboo straws for now!

Carrot Straws


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