Back to School – Packing Face Masks and Lunches!

Every day can be an adventure of differing proportions, and its what you make of it that counts. Now all the schools are back we hope everybody is finding their feet with their new routines. Back to school, back to work, back to the NEW normal!

As we are all adjusting and adapting to changes, we are finding lunch time even more important, it’s a time to take a break and relax while enjoying food. By making a great packed lunch to take with you, there is a great sense of achievement before the day has even begun and something to look forward to. So, try something different, try something new, and try getting the kids involved in lunch time:

What about changing the usual sandwich? Try making a wrap or a bagel or a pitta pocket with different fillings. Ever tried vegetable sticks with reduced fat hummus or dip, or forget the sandwich altogether and add pitta bread fingers (toasted or untoasted), rolled up meat and a few cheese sticks and making it dipping fun! You could ditch the bread and create a bean/pasta/rice salad with tuna or cheese or chicken or egg, a colourful way to eat lunch. Add some fruit with bite sized apple chunks or pineapple, or opt for finger licking berries. Put different foods in small re-usable tubs inside the lunch box/bag so that each one is a little surprise 😊

We love nothing better than waking up knowing Lunch and our bamboo cutlery set are ready to go with us, where ever we end up that day. So, whatever you do, make it with love and appreciate the little things.

Natural or Nothing Team

Lunch Box and grey cutlery set on top

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