Are you watching from the side lines or leading the way?

For all the small businesses out there, hold on.

Recently it has been interesting to see the different approaches the governments have been taking with plans for relaxing the lockdown restrictions; wait, watch and learn from others or pioneer the way. It can be like this at work, home and in business too – sometimes you take a gamble and if it works out well it can really pay off, other times there is too much at risk and you play it cautiously, learning from others mistakes.

In the last few months our business has been challenged by this concept more and more – do we go for it, or hold back and wait? It is especially difficult in the current climate as we just can’t predict what’s going to happen over the next 6 months as we find our new “normal”. We have had to adjust to how we do things and not be afraid of new technology and instead embrace the change. Have you also found yourself facing difficult decisions, changes to the way you have to work and not knowing what is the right thing to do?

In facing these decisions, we decided to lean the question against our ethos as a brand and our current future plans for growth (where we see ourselves in 12 months’ time) and whether the decision supported this or not.


Some of these questions were:

Is it eco-friendly and natural?

Is it plastic free?

Is it practical and safe?

Does it promote our brand locally?

Does it support our local business community?

Does it reflect positively on our business?


Sometimes these decisions will be pioneering and brave, other times they will easier and established – like using a virtual video meeting room platform. We realised we could apply this to other areas of our working and even personal life too, using a similar concept (with varying results!). It has really helped us as a business to focus on what really matters to us as a brand, as we continue to grow and expand. We have been forging new relationships to expand our local business community and interacting more with our customers online, which will only strengthen when we are able to start markets and stalls again.

So, to all the small businesses with big ambitions (like us) out there, keep planning, be adaptable and keep what matters to you at the heart of everything. Stay positive and shop local.


Lots of Love

Natural or Nothing Team

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